Публикувано от: bogpan | март 27, 2018

Marry me


that rain is burning under my feet
an invaluable gift for fire dancers
with bodies transparent and saturated with salt and wind,
and light.
Yes! From light our seed is scattered in all directions
and behold, it is time to give it to you and me,
to plant it, yes, to plant it there – beyond the boundary of the sacred
a forest where all words are born and end with alpha.
I swear by the blue of this ocean,
in the ship’s first ship after the Flood,
in the bright eyes of our children.

Forever Ithaca!
(and let the fiery meteors fall)

Inspired from https://shortprose.blog/2018/03/26/marry-me-poetry/

does not inspire me Micro



  1. This is one of the most beautiful poem I’ve ever read: layers of beauty intertwined with layers of sacred meanings. I am humbled that my poem inspired you.

  2. Ah, I do not want you to be humble! And can this holy wind be humbled,
    who erected the ancient Tsunami? I am very inspired by your incredible poem! I am very grateful!
    Salut from all guns
    of the Armada!

  3. heartfelt thanks to you!

  4. Pleasure is all mine!

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