Публикувано от: bogpan | февруари 3, 2018


I feel the person by me –
like an ocean.

And like a twig of a bare
I feel her.
I’m staying out and have no lips.
I do not know to embrace.
I do not know to repulse.
I know nothing about the person – by me.
Since – I am a bird,
rooted in the sky.
Since – I am a shadow
of the passed sun.
And I have no sound.

I hear – the ecstasy of the Universe.


  1. beautiful words….

  2. Oh, thank you very much!

  3. Fabulous poem as always! „I feel her…I dd not know to embrace….Since – I am a shadow…I hear – the ecstasy of the Universe… “ Breathtaking!

    „“These are the moments which are not calculable, and cannot be assessed in words; they live on in the solution of memory, like wonderful creatures, unique of their own kind, dredged up from the floors of some unexplored ocean.” L. Durrell, Justine.

    A pleasure to read your poems!

  4. Oh, as you are usually very generous in images and thoughts! It is a great pleasure to read your works, as the comments are small pearls. Memory is not enough. The beauty of the moment that is eternal is important.
    You are always welcome!

  5. „Memory is not enough“ Durrell was wrong here. Wasn’t he? 🙂

  6. Wow, I have not read „Alexandria“! Only my favorite „The God Abandons Antony. „I’m probably not convinced at this point.

  7. The memory is a mushroom
    bought by a secondary
    It falls apart into circles
    and into dashes.
    And this ravishing,
    superb world
    a fish.

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