Публикувано от: bogpan | януари 14, 2018

to wait for you to come

i love you
and i want you to be here

what will the Tuareg do
without the desert
that furrows
behind a dark burnous
his thigh – his
pinched by the caresses
of the vulture
what will he do
without the fragrance of the date palm
even of one of them
grain for growing

a Lightning split the sand

just opened up like rain in my handfuls
and like a vestige of tomorrow’s wind
in my eyes
stared at somewhere
after the reflection of the olives
in the oranges of South
with my breath
in the caves under water
like the sea drum
of the ancient Old man
who lost his heart

a tremendous game that thoroughly entertained the crowd

of sorrow die only the waves of the sand
with the white sea foam
a scream of a seagull
a moan of the boat
i stay deep
like the sea orchid
among the yellow radiance

to wait for you to come



  1. This is so marvelous. The waiting lover, the metaphors, magic imagery. A spectacular poem!

  2. Very powerful words! Thankfully, thank you. The heart hurts from images. You are always welcome!

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