Posted by: bogpan | декември 30, 2017

Almost a Song


„Per me si va nella città dolente…”
Dante Alighieri

You haven’t forgotten
you won’t forget…
In ices is swelling
the river again and trawling
roots and weeds,
and foam.
It leaves the shores bent,
swamps and frost.
But on the day
it kindles a glow.
With movements
spiral of
the hands,
I’m folding the air
after the beasts –
to that one threshold
(what does it say
no, I don’t know).

And the death ones leave.




  1. Wonderful! „per me si va ne l’etterno dolore“

  2. Thanks for the language!
    Per me è una canzone eterna.

  3. la somma sapienza e ‘l primo amore.

  4. per saggezza non so nulla. tutto è perduto.

  5. wisdom comes only through suffering

  6. Solomon Wisdom. But it does not help for „real“ life.

  7. Haha! Who said we were talking about „real“ life? 🙂

  8. And I have given the definition of „real“?

  9. Do I need a definition?

  10. Man wants definitions of security. It’s a „duendе“ to me.

  11. Oh, I understand that. Yet, security is a Messianic promise. To be honest I do not know if I made this up or I read it somewhere in Derrida 🙂

  12. Let’s let the French invent postmodernist theories. I am not convinced that this is the Messianic message. Which is more important than life?

  13. No, it’s not the Messianic message. It’s a Messianic promise. I am not going to answer your question 🙂 because you know the answer.

  14. There is an Old Testament. There is a New Testament. Yes, in some questions is the answer. Thank you very much for the questions, the answers and the silent words.

  15. My pleasure!

  16. Pleasure is all mine!

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