Публикувано от: bogpan | декември 13, 2017

This Love

This love
wants nothing.

It just happens
like a ray of the tree-tops
or of a temporal bone a palm.
This love
is not a centenary tree keeping
secrets –
open and clear is shining
the grass on the hill.
It stays quiet under the stormy wind
it bears under the fire of the sun,
in hollows of the nights long
tells fairytales.
The world changes. – It does not faint.
It grows up higher than it
and shorter than the stone.
In the church a thunder falls,
but She is praying…
She is Her temple
and the temple is Her.

And Everything!Inheritance



  1. That is not only beautiful, it is also very inspiring. May I?

    this love
    wants everything

    encrypted on
    the Smaragdine Tablet
    caught between
    “as above,
    so below”
    sheds tears
    in the dark.

    this love
    it’s bleeding
    chained like Prometheus
    on a rock
    the wind blows
    echoes of
    Kassandra’s cries,
    on an empty wall

    the world
    never changes
    this love.

  2. „this love
    is bleeding“

    sorry for the typo

  3. Thanks for this very good poem in the good tradition of surrealism.“Sic mundus creatus est“.

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