Posted by: bogpan | април 10, 2016

„Става все по-любопитно и по-любопитно“По Алиса

При такава концепция за литературата и в частност за грешките при поезията главният редактор Judith Lawrence на „River Poets Journal“ приема стихотоворението ми „Изход/Exodus“, където всички изисквания са нарушени / три пъти И/. И Изводи?

„SQF: What common mistakes do you encounter that turn you off to a submission?

JL: Self-indulgent poetry, normally beginning each sentence with I. Poems/Prose about nothing. Shock poems/prose with un-necessary profanity. A lack of rhythm, lack of lyricism, metaphor, in poetry/prose. Gimmicky poems/prose. Over-sentimental poems/prose best meant for family/loved ones/greeting cards. Quirky formatting impossible to use in a journal with space constrictions. Not proofing sufficiently, although if the poem/prose is brilliant, I’m happy to suggest minor edits.“


And if ever you don’t see
dig in the soil like a fruit
and lift the stone of yourself
to find a word
harder than Maya.

And if you ever demand for more,
dig the sky.


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