Posted by: bogpan | август 10, 2012

Consummatum est


Йоан 19:30

Лятото е твърде дълго
цигулката на Паганини.
Лятото е твърде тясно
сезона на Вивалди.
Лятото е твърде бързо
ръката ми.

И няма да поникне.



  1. hallo, after you mentioned AJ Cronin, who I have heard of (I didn’t recognize Archibald) I decided to read one of his books, the Keys of the Kingdom, I’m enjoying it a lot, he has a great gift for narrative. I don’t know if there are similarites in our writing, perhaps that’s easier for others to see. Good to see you have poems in Mediterranean. You may be interested in this? Morelle

  2. Hello Morelle,
    Glad you liked my poetry site on the Mediterranean Sea. This is a great site that I found your poetry. For Cronin – a matter of interpretation, but the most important is the exchange of ideas. Thanks for the link – sounds interesting.

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