Posted by: bogpan | февруари 6, 2012

Конусът на светлината


Смъртта има пътища
Конусът –един


Между тишината и
Плавността на Бог



  1. putnik, obetovan
    svetlo e, listata kapjat.
    tiho, no ne si – edin.
    razmenna mjarka: konusut e

  2. Благодаря, Ива!

  3. Hallo Bozhidar,
    I only just saw a comment you left on my blog back in October last year. I don’t know how I missed it before. So – thank you very much for your comments, and I really had not noticed that the language in my poems becomes more metaphorical the further south I go – very observant of you to notice that.
    I had heard that Bulgarian Bogomils had similar ideas to the Cathars but I haven’t been able to find out very much about them. I wonder if they were persecuted like the Cathars? I think I read somewhere that they were. I agree that Kenneth White is a very good poet. I like his prose as well, his travel writing, and descriptions of places.
    I read some of your poems on the link you sent me, and I liked them, but the translations of the poems on your blog are better. Translating poetry is of course the hardest thing ever, more difficult than prose.
    I tried to find your email on your blog, rather than leave this as a comment, but I could not find it.
    I hope you are in good health as we head towards spring,

  4. the sound able cry
    a mirror, self care to caress
    ten ago
    on a mind

    difference, inbetween.

    merely on a spot,
    for tomorrow. indeed, deep.
    some lips turning to
    other face.

  5. dnes,
    razlichi me! litse
    na vratata…
    ot utre, shte sum
    sluntse, a-konusut
    shte disha
    mezhdu men i teb.

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