Posted by: bogpan | октомври 7, 2011

не мога

не мога да изляза

от тази стая
щурците са твърде
тази нощ


  1. Hallo Bozhidar, nice to meet you and to read your poems – Orangenmadchen, in German, and those in English, on public-republic and some of the Italian translations I can understand too, a little. But I don’t know Bulgarian, sorry. I may try to put one of them into French…..
    with best wishes,

  2. Thank you Morelle for your reading. It would be interesting
    how it will sound a translation into French.
    Best regards,

  3. to leave this room imposible

    too dark
    this evening.

    –a room in depth,
    the creeping eve,
    i damn impossibilities…

    it’s eve, surounding.

    a soundable table on
    mistaken happiness.–

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