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Without a shadow

The night is yours
like a curve of an arm.
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On the islands, so beautiful
in the blue azure, the infinite
live dethroned kings
(their kingdom is not here).
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The Road To Halicarnassus

„To die, to sleep—
No more—and by a sleep to say we end!”
– Shakespeare /Hamlet: Act 3, scene 1/

The Road To Halicarnassus

Божидар Пангелов – Троя

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Happy International Poetry Day

World Poetry Day

The thing that unites us and
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The World – A Boat and Moon

The World – A Boat and Moon

Божидар Пангелов – Върхът на показалеца

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Viva Italia

because we all
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The blue of Paris

a hat in blue butterflies
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На Г.М

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For family and friends who celebrate, Merry Christmas!


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*** (Winter)

Thank you SpillWords Editorial Team!


Божидар Пангелов – Далеч

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„Езикът, на който умирам“- Васил Прасков

Едно интервю на Васил Прасков за последната*(за сега) книга с поезия – между любовта и смъртта.

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Did they demand my head –
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Many thanks for this interview – a great initiative from the team at Spillwords.com!

Spotlight On Writers – Bogpan

Божидар Пангелов – Облаци

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translation into turkish/преводи на турски език

My sincere thanks to Aziz Nazmi Shakir for translating and publishing my poems in the latest issue of Eliz Edebiyat in Turkish. More about translator and author Aziz Nazmi Shakir you can read in his interview here https://thewombwellrainbow.com/2019/08/15/wombwell-rainbow-interviews-aziz-nazmi-shakir/?fbclid=IwAR1SFQMPvKG5sv94IG-ynT0SSaBQUwrN_4IivitMQyQ6vEqhBpNBsvu-738

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облаци болници памуци


изтръгват облаци небето
тъй както жив памук
кръв от топла рана
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Списание „Нова асоциална поезия“, бр. 23, октомври, 2019

Божидар Пангелов – Нулево лято

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… the story of my life . . . and other poems in response to the last Wednesday Writing Prompt

Magic collection!

Jamie Dedes' THE POET BY DAY Webzine

FromMother’s Day: Flowers and Native American soapstone bear

My Life Is Not Mine—
Give wanting what other people have.
That way you’re safe.
“Where, where can I be safe?” you ask.
This is not a day for asking questions,
Not a day on any calendar.
This day is conscious of itself.
This day is a lover, bread, and gentleness,
More manifest than saying can say.
Thoughts take form with words,
But this daylight is beyond and before
Thinking and imagining.

Excerpt from The Essential Rumi, Colman Barks

Well, it’s rather late Tuesday here, but still Tuesday, and apologies for the delay in publishing this post and for some of the confusions in correspondence with poets. The past week has been complicated by low oxygen saturation and if you understand oxygen hunger, you know it’s disorienting and exhausting. Thanks for understanding and patience.

We have a profoundly moving collection today…

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The Man Who Collects

Thank you SpillWords Editorial Team!

The Man Who Collects

A great taste for Flavio’s poetry!


For Iris

Flowers for you
with a flower’s name;
Heart knows it
Heart tells you
everything you need to know
to live.
You paid for every breathe
but you seemed to be good, yet.
I hope it has been
‘cause you loved stayin’ where
we are still.

(Fiori per te
che colsi di nome da un fiore;
in petto si sa,
il cuore t’insegna
tutto ciò di cui necessiti
per vivere.
Caro t’è costato ogni caro respiro
ma ancor non davi a vederne costo.
Il cuor mi suggerisce
creder ché tu amasti il luogo
dove noi ancor stiamo.)

di nerodavideazzurro (trad. dell’autore), qui:


La nebbia al lago

Al levare del sole,
felice corri in
riva al lago
tra la nebbia
della radura
e come ovattata
da ombre e fasci di luce
tu Ginevra
sogni spuntare dalla natura
quel cavaliere errante
che ti porti in sella
come un amante.

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