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Geo Milev: ‘The Icons are Sleeping’ and ‘September’ Translated by Tom Phillips

The High Window


The Bulgarian poet, translator and critic Geo Milev (1895-1925) was a leading figure in European modernism, but his work has only rarely been translated into English. The poems here are considered to be among his most important: ‘The Idols Are Sleeping’ (1922) is a reworking of five traditional Bulgarian songs while ‘September’ (1924) is Milev’s response to the violent suppression of a popular uprising against the right-wing coup in Bulgaria in 1923. Milev was secretly executed during state-led reprisals against the communist bombing of Sofia’s St Nedelya church in 1925.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that in the originals Milev makes much use of rhyme and that even those of us  with no Bulgarian may appreciate the opportunity of  listening to the astonishing sound effects he achieves in a poem like ‘September’. I have therefore added a link to it at the bottom of this feature.


Tom Phillips

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Celebrating Baba Marta

Bulgarians celebrate on March 1 a centuries-old tradition and exchange martenitsi . The tradition of giving friends red-and-white interwoven strings brings health and happiness during the year and is a reminder that spring is near

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 more winter
 the blue bird shrinks on the bare branch
 of the chestnut against my window

 the sky is blue

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World Haiku Series 2019 (185) Haiku by Vania Stefanova


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“Behold the summer has passed,
as if it never happened.”*

from the new summer
the sudden rain
which demolishes the tip
and the first leaf from
the inevitable autumn

Only this is not enough.”*
*A. Tarkovsky

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Month: септември 2020

Божидар Пангелов – Неизбежната есен

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Month: юни 2020

Божидар Пангелов – Свечеряване

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Without a shadow

The night is yours
like a curve of an arm.
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On the islands, so beautiful
in the blue azure, the infinite
live dethroned kings
(their kingdom is not here).
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The Road To Halicarnassus

„To die, to sleep—
No more—and by a sleep to say we end!”
– Shakespeare /Hamlet: Act 3, scene 1/

The Road To Halicarnassus

Божидар Пангелов – Троя

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Happy International Poetry Day

World Poetry Day

The thing that unites us and
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The World – A Boat and Moon

The World – A Boat and Moon

Божидар Пангелов – Върхът на показалеца

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Viva Italia

because we all
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The blue of Paris

a hat in blue butterflies
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На Г.М

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For family and friends who celebrate, Merry Christmas!


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*** (Winter)

Thank you SpillWords Editorial Team!


Божидар Пангелов – Далеч

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